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How to prepare for an EX interview in the Public Service

You wish to become an executive (EX) in the Public Service? Not sure where to start? Being well prepared for an interview will help to reduce your stress level, increase your chances of a better performance and in turn, your likelihood of being selected. This half day workshop will help you understand the process and the importance of the preparation along with advice on how to be successful during the interview.

What you will learn:

  • Appreciate the importance of preparing for the interview
  • Master the structuring of your answers in the context of an EX position: using S T A R, including the EX-01 behavioural competencies (analysis, impact, strategy)
  • Practice your answers, with concrete examples to understand the EX-01 competency profile and know how to demonstrate, with strong active verbs, how you meet the behavioural criteria for the Leadership competencies:
    • Build a vision and strategic thinking
    • Mobilize people
    • Integrity and respect
    • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders
    • Promote innovation and guide change
    • Achieve results
  • Appreciate the difference between the level of achievements of acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour.

Preparing for an interview will help you be more confident, calm and determined to succeed during the interview. Invest in your future, register now.


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