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At Y2CP, we provide one-stop solutions to your psychometric tool and workplace survey needs — we have a wide variety of the best tools from companies across the world.

Indeed, Y2CP sells over 200 online psychometric tools and organisational surveys which can be used for leadership and talent management, recruitment/selection processes, professional development, team dynamics, organsational wellness, workplace assessment purposes and psychological well-being. Many of these tests are available in both French and English.

Online assessment solutions help both private and public sector organizations hire and grow top talent and create healthy, positive and productive workplaces. The results provide you with immediate, flexible, easy-to-use reports to assist you with your human resource management decisions. In addition to off-the-shelf surveys, such as Denison Culture Survey, we can custom design and manage online surveys.



  • Need help in eliminating costly recruitment/hiring errors?
  • Looking for the best/right fit candidate for a specific job/role?
  • Do you require help making career coaching and assessment more objective and accurate?
  • Want to conduct better overall evaluations of candidates?
  • Need help in identifying critical strengths and developmental needs within your talent pool?
  • Looking for organizational assessment/survey tools?
  • Want to discover potential within your talent pool for succession planning/management?
  • Do you want to reduce employee turnover, improve team development?
  • Need assistance assessing and evaluating leadership potential?
  • Want to receive feedback about your personal characteristics and suggestions for changing your behaviours?

Selecting a Tool

Selecting a Tool

What are psychometric tests and why use them?

Psychometric tests are formal, structured exercises that help to accurately measure cognitive aptitudes, abilities and psychological traits (e.g. reasoning ability, personality dimensions, and work styles). Careful research and testing go into the development of them to ensure that they are reliable and valid; they have proven methodology. And they can produce accurate results for the selection of the right fit candidates, for talent management, for professional development, or for workplace surveys and well-being assessments, among a multitude of uses.

The experts at Y2CP can ensure that the psychometric tests that you would like to use are administered and scored in a standardised way. This allows your results to compared with those of large groups of individuals who have taken the tests in the past (various norm groups). In addition, for the majority of the psychometric tests we sell, an automated report is provided to the client within seconds following the administration. In other words, there is low administrative burden for you.

As part of the range of professional services we offer, we can provide advice and feedback on a wide range of psychometric tests used in human resources, clinical psychology and educational settings. As well, we provide follow-up career counselling and guidance, and coaching services. These coaching, counselling and feedback services can be delivered using virtual environment (videoconferencing), by phone, or by conducting feedback sessions (both group and individual) at our offices or at a location of your choice.

In addition, our organizational assessment surveys are designed to give you a snapshot of the key factors impacting your organization's performance and the quality of your work life/environment, in general.

And if we don't have the psychometric tests you're looking for, we'd be happy to assist you in finding them.

Who can purchase our tools?

  • Individuals:

    For individuals looking to get a better understanding of themselves, to help make a career change, to improve their job performance, and to fully understand the skill sets they have or need to develop, we offer a full range of psychometric tools.

    Not only can you purchase these tools but we can also provide you with feedback sessions related to their use.

  • Any small, medium or large size private or public organization:

    We can assist organizations in the design, testing, implementation and evaluation of psychometric and other forms of quantitative analysis.

    Your organization can purchase the psychometric tools directly through us. We can also show you how to use them and/or provide you with feedback service on the results you achieve.

    In addition, we offer volume discounts to organizations seeking to buy psychometric tools.

    And we can bundle, for example, a package of testing related to career counseling could include the Myers Briggs (MBTI), the Strong Interest Inventory, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey, and the Career Directions Inventory.

    In addition, we can provide you with a full range of off-the shelf assessment and other types of surveys — or our experts can develop questionnaires and surveys specific to your needs.

  • Consultants (HRM, Career Coaches/Counsellors, Psychologists, etc.):

    To help you better meet the needs of your clients, we design and sell psychometric tests to qualified consultants offering HR related services.

    And we provide the advice you may need on a wide range of psychometric tests for use in human resources management (in addition to clinical psychology and education).

How to select the right psychometric tool?

  • Not sure which psychometric tool or survey you are looking for?

    You can search our databank by category of tool (e.g. selection, leadership/career, team, surveys, and mental health).

    Once in a selected category, you will find a list of tools to choose from. You can click on any tool to access a brief description, language availability, administration time, cost, as well as sample reports that can be generated.

  • Already know which tool/survey you are looking for?

    Simply use the search feature in the psychometric tests and surveys section. Then proceed by clicking on the specific tool/survey to access all relevant information about the tool (a brief description, language availability, administration time, cost, as well as sample reports that can be generated).

How to Purchase a Tool?

How to Purchase a Tool?

How to proceed with a purchase (and what are the conditions and restrictions)?

First, what is your level of qualification in interpreting and using psychometric tools and surveys?

  • Required Qualification — level A

    There are no special qualifications to purchase these products.

  • Required Qualification — level B

    These tests can be purchased by individuals who have taken and passed a licensed qualification program or hold a bachelor's degree or master's degree and have satisfactorily completed a course in the interpretation of psychological assessments and measurement at an accredited college or university.

    To purchase and use B level instruments you first must be qualified.

  • Required Qualification — level C

    Individuals wishing to purchase these tests must have taken and passed a licensed qualification program or hold a bachelor's degree and have satisfactorily completed a course in the interpretation of psychological assessments and measurement at an accredited college or university.

    In addition, they must hold an advanced degree (e.g. Ph.D.) in a profession that provides specialized training in the interpretation of psychological assessments.

    As with B level instruments, to purchase and use C level instruments you must be qualified.

    If you have NO qualifications in interpreting and using psychometric tools and surveys there is a risk that you will be misusing the information obtained — even when using tools that require level A qualification. For example, this could seriously affect important career and life decisions of individuals, produce flawed hiring and talent management results, and throw an entire organization off course.

Caution: You can still purchase any tool as long as you also purchase a feedback results interpretation session. If you rather not purchase a feedback session, then you can only purchase level A tools and you are totally responsible for the accurate interpretation of the results.

Note: If you are competing in a recruitment/selection process, you cannot purchase a selection tool for practice purposes.

Ready to purchase?

First select the type of report you would like to purchase (i.e., selection report, development report, team report) and then click on "purchase now" and it will be added to your shopping cart. If you would like to purchase several reports, simply adjust the number of reports you would like from the default number "1". Please note that you can also opt to purchase online a feedback session (by phone or through videoconference) for each report purchased.

You can also directly contact our client service consultants through our live chat option or by calling our 1.866.574.7744.

Tools & Workshops

Tools & Workshops

Psychometric Tools and Workshops

Looking to have impactful workshops and team retreats that matter?

At Y2CP we believe that the better people understand themselves and others, the better they can build and maintain a positive workplace environment.

Have you thought about including psychometric tests as part of your next workshop or retreat? Tests can be administered to all participants prior to the sessions (at the comfort of their own offices) and individual reports and group feedback is provided to them at the actual events. Individual results remain confidential and only group results are discussed during the day of the "workshop".

By using psychometric tools, you can more effectively:

  • build your team;
  • improve the work climate and the interpersonal dynamics;
  • enhance the well-being, job satisfaction and productivity of your staff; and
  • provide targeted actions to reduce/prevent the sources of stress and distress.

Tests* like the following are just some that you might consider using:

  • Wave Team Report
  • Wave Focus Styles
  • MBTI Team Report
  • Work Personality Index
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
  • Firo B
  • Psychological Well-being Inventory

* Simply go to our "Team" section for more details.

Feedback & Coaching

Feedback & Coaching

Psychometrics: Feedback and Follow-up Coaching

The importance of accurately analyzing and interpreting the results of psychometric tools cannot be overstated (and this is particularly true in the case of levels B and C). Not only can the experts at Y2CP help you with data analysis and interpretation, we are available to supply added value by:

  • preparing reports (for participants, organizational management, etc.)
  • giving feedback (a very useful but often undervalued part of psychometric testing)
  • recommending follow-up action (e.g. developmental suggestions for action and learning plans)
  • conducting follow-up coaching with individuals and groups (e.g. follow-up coaching and advice to workshop participants)
  • providing developmental feedback for executives and other individuals looking to improve their performance

And all these services can be conducted in the comfort of your home or office through our videoconferencing services. We can also provide the same services by phone or face to face if you prefer.

Workplace Surveys

Workplace Surveys

We believe that workplace surveys serve a number of useful purposes.

Among other things, not only can they help organizations learn about themselves but they can ascertain employee attitudes and perceptions about workload, job satisfaction, training/development needs and interests, etc. and about levels of occupational health and psychological safety in the work environment. They can find out what is working in the workplace and what isn't. Overall, they provide a clear and comprehensive picture of the thoughts and feelings of employees, and the current state of your organization.

And a confidential or anonymous survey helps ensures that you receive honest and insightful feedback about issues that employees may not wish to discuss directly with their superiors.

Conducting a workplace health survey can also help an organization address or respond to employee concerns with effective workplace strategies and action plans.



FAQs — Online psychometric tests

  • Q1. How much do your psychometric tests costs?

    To find out, please press "buy" next to the test you are interested in and the price will be indicated. Please note that discounts are also available for volume purchases.

  • Q2. What does the psychometric test measure?

    To find out, simply press the title of the test you are interested in and you will get a description and the various associated reports (if applicable). You can also click on the PDF icon under the "sample" column of the desired report to view a sample.

  • Q3. How do I buy your psychometric tests?

    1. Select the desired test, press the "buy" button to the right;
    2. Select the desired report, indicating the quantity and press "add to cart" to submit your request;
    3. Press "view cart" to access your basket;
    4. Press "proceed to checkout" and complete the information, then press "submit";
    5. If you wish to have a feedback session, please indicate this requirement under "assessment objective".
  • Q4. Can I buy several psychometric tests and use them as and when I need them?

    Yes. Once the tests are purchased, you can use them as required.

  • Q5. How can I make a payment for the tests I purchase?

    You can make payment by most types of credit cards or by check. Please note that only once payment is received that the test(s) will be forwarded to you.

    Payment by credit card:

    1. When your test request is received, an invoice will be emailed;
    2. You can pay the invoice on our secure website, either by MasterCard or VISA.

    Payment by check:

    1. Please make the check payable to: Y2 Consulting Psychologists
    2. And mail it to the following address:

      125 Wellington Street,
      Gatineau (Quebec)
      Canada, J8X 2J1

  • Q6. I bought some tests and I paid the bill, now how can I get them?

    Once you have paid the invoice, we will send you an email with a link to access your test(s) and your login information.

  • Q7. When and how are the results and the feedback session delivered?

    The typical process:

    1. You will receive your report by e-mail within 48 business hours;
    2. If you have purchased a feedback session, the session will take place within five (5) working days of the administration of the test;
    3. The feedback session will be conducted by phone or videoconference and it will take place during normal business hours at Y2 Consulting Psychologists;
    4. Long distance charges (if any) are the responsibility of the client.
  • Q8. Can we administer the tests ourselves?

    When you purchase psychometric tests, two options are available:

    Option 1: When clients administer the test(s):

    1. We will send you an e-mail with the instructions, links and login information of all the tests that you have purchased.
    2. You can administer any of your tests at any time.
    3. When a test is completed, you notify us via email and we generate the report(s).

    Please note that some tests do not allow the use of option 1 and we will need to know the name, e-mail address and language preference of each candidate, in advance, for these tests.

    Option 2: Y2 Consulting Psychologists administers the test(s):

    Simply send us an — email with the first and last name, language preference, and e-mail address for each individual who will be taking the test. Please also let us know your preference for sending the invitation — we can send the invitation to you or send it directly to your candidate.

  • Q9. We offer training sessions and would like our participants to do a psychometric test. Is it possible to send the test link to each participant?

    Yes, we need a list containing the name of each participant with their e-mail address and language preference.

  • Q10. Are the reports sent to the participants or to me?

    You have a choice. We can send the report to each of the participants for them to print. We can also send all the reports to you for printing and distribution to the participants.

  • Q11. What are the normal deadlines to receive report(s)?

    You will receive your report by email within 48 business hours.

  • Q12. Can we send the tests to participants?

    Yes, you will be e-mailed instructions, links and login information of all the tests that you have purchased in order to forward them to each of your participants.

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