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Sigma Survey for Sales Professionals (3SP)

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Few employees have a greater impact on your organization's public image, revenues and profitability than your sales professionals. The Sigma Survey for Sales Professionals (3SP) measures long-standing dispositions relating to the candidate's personality, interpersonal style, and approach to work that will have a direct impact on his/her future sales success. It is a powerful, empirically based personality assessment measuring 28 behaviors important for effective sales performance. The 3SP identifies "red flags" that could impede a sales professional's success.

Available reports

3SP Report

The 3SP report contains three major sections: (a) an executive summary featuring three summary scores, (b) a set of profiles of performance characteristics divided into two broad skill categories, and (c) a detailed analysis of each of the aspects of sales performance. For each performance characteristic, the report contains a definition, a description of Mr. Sample's expected level of performance, and a set of statements describing the particular factors in his personality, interpersonal style, and method for organizing work that influence his level of performance on that sales skill.


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