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Leadership Skills Profile (LSP)

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40 minutes


B (qualification and training required)

selection, career/leadership

The Leadership Skills Profile (LSP) is a unique, empirically based selection assessment for managers and executives that predicts work and leadership-oriented behavior. The LSP predicts future 360 degree feedback ratings.

Available reports

Selection / Development Report

Selection / Development Report

The LSP-SR and LSP-DR when used in tandem, deliver a powerful, complementary leadership solution. Furthermore, when benchmarks are in place, the reports allow you to select and develop leaders against a common set of requirements specific to a given position.


$ 425.00

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Development Report

Development Report

The LSP Developmental Report contains five major sections:

  • The Leadership Skills Snapshot illustrates your standing on the full spectrum of leadership dimensions measured by the LSP.
  • Your Personal Strengths Chart lists your strongest leadership dimensions to help you leverage them to your advantage.
  • Your Core Areas for Development chart highlights your leadership skills with the highest scores that are not currently included in your Personal Strengths Chart.
  • Your Personal Workbook provides tools and techniques that will allow you to formulate a leadership development plan that will keep you motivated and on track for success.
  • The Leadership Skill Definitions and Developmental Feedback describe each dimension and provide customized insight on how your personality may be affecting your leadership performance.


$ 225.00

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Selection Report

Selection Report

The LSP Selection report contains four major sections:

  • An executive summary featuring three summary scores
  • A profile of the 42 leadership characteristics sorted by importance
  • A set of profiles of 42 leadership characteristics divided into four broad managerial skill categories
  • A detailed analysis of each of the 42 aspects of leadership.

For each leadership characteristic, the report contains a definition, a description of Mr. Sample's expected level of performance, and a set of statements describing the particular factors in his personality, interpersonal style, and method for organizing work that determine his level of performance on that leadership skill.


$ 375.00

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