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Online solutions for pre & post-hiring, screening & talent identification

If you are looking to assess individuals for recruitment/selection processes or to identify talent for, or in, your organization, our experts will work closely with you to ensure you use the most suitable psychometric tests. For example, these might include tests on personal suitability, aptitude, skills and abilities, work styles, and in-basket tests (used to measure candidate's competencies) from those listed below.

Our experts can help you with the analysis and interpretation of your test results by providing effective and targeted feedback and follow-up recommendations.

Personal suitability

Personal suitability

Work Styles/Personality

Title French English
> California Psychological Inventory 434 (CPI 434) x x
> Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CSAP) x
> Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI) x
> Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center (ESQ-CC) x
> Employee Screening Questionnaire 2 (ESQ2) x x
> Évaluation du style de travail 2 (EST2) x x
> Five-Factor Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire (FF-NPQ) x
> Jackson Personality Inventory - Revised (JPI-R) x
> L'indicateur de types psychologiques Myers-Briggs Niveau I (Version M) (MBTI) x x
> L'indicateur de types psychologiques Myers-Briggs Niveau II (Version Q) (MBTI) x x
> L'Indice de personnalité de travail (IPT) x x
> L'inventaire psychologique de Californie 434 (CPI 434) x x
> Leadership Skills Profile (LSP) x
> Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment - Workplace (MEIA-W) x
> Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire (NPQ) x
> Personality Research Form E (PRF-E) x
> PsyMax Solutions Counterproductive Behavior Work Style Assessment x
> PsyMax Solutions Customer Service Work Style Assessment x
> PsyMax Solutions Hourly Work Style Assessment x
> PsyMax Solutions Work Style Assessment (WSA) x
> Sales Achievement Predictor (SAP) x
> Sales Test COMPASS (SALES-AT 05A) x x
> Saville Consulting Wave Focus Styles x x
> Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles x x
> Saville Consulting Wave Styles Focus x x
> Saville Consulting Wave Styles Professionnels x x
> Sigma Survey for Sales Professionals (3SP) x
> Situational Judgment Test 2 (SJT2) x x
> Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ) x
> Survey of Work Styles (SWS) x
> Test d'approche et de comportement au travail (TACT 04A) x x
> Test de jugement situationnel 2 (TJS2) x x
> Test de vente COMPASS (TH-VENTE 05A) x x
> Work Personality Index - 2nd Edition (WPI) x x
> Work style assessment 2 (WSA2) x x

Structured competency-based interviews

Title French English





We develop several knowledge tests tailored for different positions at the federal and provincial governments, as well as the private sector.

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