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Multiple Choice In-Basket - Holo-Com Corporation Exercise (PG-SHC 09C)

Panier de gestion à choix multiple - Société Holo-Com (PG-SHC)

web, papier

1 heure, 30 minutes


B (qualification et formation requises)


MULTIPLE CHOICE! The Holo-Com In-Basket assesses a candidate's ability to respond to management situations likely to be encountered in a work environment. This In-Basket is used to evaluate first level managers (project leaders, supervisors, team leaders, coordinators) working in an operational context, responsible for operations and sales.

Please note that unfortunately, we do not offer this test for practice/personal development purposes. Please understand that employers use this test to hire people, if we allowed candidates to practise, the test would become invalid. Your name, birth day and month and the last 3 digits of your Social Insurance Number will be linked to your test.

Rapports disponibles

Multiple Choice In-Basket - Holo-Com Corporation Exercise - Report

Following the 14 situations presented in this In-Basket, 71 multiple choice questions were submitted to the candidate. In this context, the candidate had to choose the most appropriate statement to answer the different questions asked.

These questions call for the management abilities usually required for this level of position and aims at assessing seven (7) assessment criteria.


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