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Saville Consulting's Workplace English Tests assess the ability of candidates, to understand workplace English.

Secure and easily administered online English language assessment in less than 20 minutes.

Save time and money when hiring recruits who need to understand and use English.

Improve your customer experience by assessing applicants' effective use of English for customer interaction.

Why use Saville Consulting's Workplace English Tests?

  • Cost-effective English language screening.
  • Quick - 20 minutes.
  • Designed specifically for the modern workplace.
  • Industry-focused screening.
  • User friendly for Line Managers and Recruiters.
  • Immediate access, no accreditation training required.

Rapports disponibles

Workplace English - Hospitality Report

This report is based on Workplace English - Hospitality, an online assessment of the ability of Sample Candidate to identify the appropriate missing word for workplace English sentences.


32,32 $

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