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The Stress Profile quickly identifies individual characteristics and behaviors related to stress.

The Stress Profile measures fifteen personal traits and lifestyle habits that protect against or contribute to stress. The interpretive report includes Health Risk Alerts and Health Resources for the individual assessed. This tool is ideal for routine use in organizations, for EAP programs, stress management, and executive coaching.

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Stress Profile Report

This report is a confidential summary of your Stress Profile, which measures a variety of factors that may affect your physical health and psychological well-being. Your Stress Profile responses have been compared to the responses given by a large racially and culturally diverse group of working adults from all over the country who also completed the inventory. Your profile is determined by scores on the Stress Profile scales. The scales are: 1) Stress; 2) Health Habits (including Exercise, Sleep/Relaxation, Prevention, and Eating/Nutrition); 3) Social Support Network; 4) Type A Behavior; 5)Cognitive Hardiness; 6) Coping Style (including Positive Appraisal, Negative Appraisal, Threat Minimization, and Problem-Focused Coping); and 7) Psychological Well-Being.

Your results are summarized in the Stress Profile graph and described on the following pages. Each score can fall in one of seven ranges, from Extremely Low to Extremely High.


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